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Something New

For Week 25 of Life Book, Juliette Crane gave a class on how to paint whimsy animals. I decided to paint a bird. Mostly because I like how free birds are and because birds just speak to me symbolically.

Her class was only an hour long, but boy was it comprehensive. I learned a lot in that hour and I hope I put it to good use. Not only did I learn how to paint a character, I learned more about layering. I hope it shows in my painting.

I had a lot of fun with this painting. I hope it shows! I had such a good time, I plan on making more.


I took a new class from Willowing! It’s called Ultimate World of Whimsy and in it I learned how to create lovely whimsical girls and creatures.

My first creations are angels!

My first painting came out a bit of  a mess. I tried to use Golden Fluid Acrylics for her hair. It leaked onto her face! Maybe that’s why she looks so sad!

It’s too early to take detail shots. It’s still dark here. I’m not sure if you can see the splotch on her face, but it’s there! I also had to put a red heart on her face to cover a dark spot of black paint. No! That wasn’t intentional! :D

My second angel went much better.

I used a heavy-bodied acrylic for her hair this time. Much better!

I’m so enjoying these light and cute whimsical girls.  They’re so different then my portraits. I’m not sure why I’m doing angels right now either. I’m just diggin’ the angels. Maybe it’s the season!

The wings aren’t easy to do either. You have to trace a pattern of them onto clear paper then cut them out onto whatever paper you’re going to use to collage. Very tricksy and tedious if you have tiny bits.

The main thing is I’m having fun with this and I have many idea for future whimsical paintings!

I have one more angel in the works, then I think I’ll move on to ordinary whimsical girls. I might go back to an angel or two later on. They’re so much fun. We’ll see!

Happy Saturday! I hope you’re Thanksgiving was great for those of you in the States! For everyone, happy weekend!