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Even a monkey needs a minion.

I have succumbed to the plague of minions running wild  around the blogosphere. First it was Cookie, then it was Sandy (aka Slanger) that infected me with the bug. Both have created mighty armies of minions to cater to their every whim. But I think it was Sandy’s Orc-like minion that was the tipping point for me.

In my feverish state, I searched high and low for my leftover sock yarn. Much to my frustration, they were nowhere to be found.

This happens to me all the time. I was supposed to send it to a friend for her sock blanket (so sorry Becky!), but I couldn’t find it! Then when I did come across it, I put it in a safe place. When it came time to mail it out? I couldn’t find it! I came across it again. I put it in another safe place. Etc, etc, etc.

This is the vicious cycle I’m trapped in.

Finally, I settled with leftover handspun.

Note: That’s a crappy nighttime photo. Please excuse the quality.

Once I was done with the minion himself, I wanted to give him a little hat to match his yellow eyes. Only the handspun I had on hand was just the wrong weight.

What did I end up doing?

Despite the fact I might really need the yardage later on, I unearthed unused sock yarn. Because really? This little buddy needed a yellow hat!


I knit about a half inch too much on the hat and I’ve discovered that when it comes to objects of this scale, a half inch makes a big difference.

Ah well. Live and learn.

Next up is my own Orc-like minion. Orcs make great soldiers for those battling such monsters as volcanic dragons, hydras, and sea serpents.

Can ya tell I play too much Castle Age on Facebook?

Happy Wednesday folks! Don’t forget to enter the contest/give-away/whatever.

ETA: Thanks to Cookie for alerting me to the fact that the comments were closed on the bloggy.  It’s one of those days! Oof.