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Blue Moon

“Blue Moon”

I’m experimenting with different eye shapes.

She’s looking at a moon.

It’s a blue moon.

I also changed the words on my last painting.

It reads, “Innocence is like polished armor; it adorns and it defends.” Bishop Robert South You can read it better in person. The paint is really reflective in the picture. I’m not happy but I’m happier. I also put some highlights in her hair. I’m not sure that was the right move.

More paintings to come. I’m able to paint more now that baseball season is over!



It was so hard for me to come up with words for this painting. I think it was a complete fail. By the time I got to thinking about what I wanted to verbalize, I was tired and out of sorts. I just wanted to finish the painting. What I should have done was let it sit and let myself think it over. I should have taken more thought over what kind of words to actually put to paper.

I’ll be changing the words on the painting but I wanted to document the process of how important it is to get it right. To take the time and deliberate over each step. The painting won’t be perfect, but it’ll be an improvement over what it was.

I did enjoy the process of this painting. I used spray inks, metallic paint, rubber stamps, patterned papers, book pages, and something new to me! Vintage sewing patterns. Can you see it?

I also did something new to her face. Extra points to those who can spot it.

All in all, an enjoyable painting despite the fiasco with the wording which I will fix sometime today. Hopefully I’ll get off my lazy ass and take some photos of the new and improved painting this week.



I need to rewind back a few paintings ago to the first collage painting I did.

I painted the face over multiple patches of paper so the area is a little bumpy.

I don’t really care for that part of the painting. I do like the way the paper shines through the hair.

I’ve also been using this new product called Inka Gold. It’s a really nice product that gives off a nice metallic shimmer. It’s a bit like shoe polish and it needs to be put on as the last layer as it doesn’t react well with wet media. It’s still a nice effect.

This painting is in my art journal because I was just experimenting.  Lately though, I’ve been doing my collage paintings on canvas as I’ve been gaining confidence in what I’ve been doing. Hopefully I’ll have more to show for what I’ve been doing a little later on.

I have other projects in the works going on. I have a painting on wood, a whimsical animal painting, and a geometrical circle painting on claybord going on. They’re all very much works in progress though. I’m not sure how any of them are going to turn out so they might never see the light of day. In the meantime I’m also producing more collage paintings as well.

Until next time, ciao!

Truth in the Distance

I’ve been experimenting with my own brand of acrylic painting of faces. I still use watercolor crayons only not in abundance like I used to. I’ve also been painting over collaged papers.

I try to get a large enough piece of collage paper for the face though. I don’t want any bumps or anything where her eyes  might be. It’s still hard to get all the air bubbles all out.

Then I collage the whole canvas in a patchwork fashion with patterned paper and book text. There are often spaces of canvas open but I like to think that adds to the charm of the piece. >.<

On the whole, I’m pleased with this piece. It’s not as easy as sketching the figure on paper then painting, but I think the results are worthwhile. The whole process is very addictive too.

I’ve been doing other things as well. I just haven’t had the motivation to take photos. I’m so lazy! I’ll try to remedy that malady this week.


First Canvas!

For the first time I worked on canvas.

It’s just a cheap canvas from Wal-Mart but it’s still a canvas. It’s not nearly as gessoed as a more expensive canvas would be, but in a way that made it easier to work with. The watercolors absorbed a lot better.

It was not without it’s challlenges. Blending was still a bit challenging as you can see there. Getting the edges crisp and clear was also rather challenging.

I originally wanted the butterfly to be gold, but the ink didn’t show up on the dark paper. The white doesn’t show up very well either. Live and learn.


There’s actually a small hole in the canvas. That’s where the idea of the collage came from, out of necessity. I think it worked out okay though.

I already have plans for my next little canvas and I bought a big canvas that’s better quality. I need to sketch out what I want to do more for the big canvas though.


The Stars

I took a hard look at why I was painting all these cute whimsy girls. I mean they aren’t really me. I don’t have a cute, whimsical personality. The fact remains I do enjoy painting them, so I decided to put a new twist on them. The whimsy girls would now adopt a sad face.

I’m not sure if she has a sad face or a thoughtful expression.

I decied to make her eyes different colors to give her an even more evocative look.  I also gave her nose more definition.

For the background I did some different things. For one thing I didn’t add beeswax.

For another, I added some brayering which I normally only do with portraits. I really just felt like it and it was fun.

I did add my normal stamping and tissue paper. This time I didn’t scrunch up the tissue paper though. I let it lie flat as a transparent layer.

Another new element I added was modeling paste and Lumiere paint. I like the modeling paste because it really adds texture. The Lumiere paint really adds shine and color.

Finally, I added a rather melancholy phrase; “The stars were her only friends.” I felt like it just fit the painting.

All in all, I consider this painting a success because I felt it was very fulfilling. It satisfied my artistic side and my temperament.

My next goal is to do one of these girls on canvas!

Ma Cheri

It’s been a long while since I’ve had the urge to blog. Once I did have the urge to blog, I found my media reader was broken! I got a new media reader yesterday only to find it’s not exactly compatible with my computer. I have to do some gymnastics to get it to work. I’ll have to get another one so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to post again after this.

I’ve been painting. Not as much as I normally do, but I’ve been painting!

Ma Cherie

Another encaustic painting. I’ve really fallen in love with this technique.

I’ve started another blog. A book review blog! That’s why I haven’t been painting as much. I’ve been reading like a madwoman. I thought I’d put it to good use and write up some reviews. One thing led to another and I started a blog.

I hope you visit!