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Destruction construction: Creative freedom

I was asked to join an art journal link party by Ambika. The journal prompt for this week is “creative freedom”. I sat down to do my page and gave myself free reign to do absolutely anything that I came to my fancy. I decided to do whatever first came to my mind. Like adding whatever color struck me first. I did that until I came out with this:

Excuse the photograph. I didn’t intend to show it to anyone else.

Anyway, I wasn’t exactly pleased with where all this freedom was leading me. So I ended up kind of adding layers and by that process, deconstructing all that bright busy color until I  was happy. The finished page looks like this:

You can still see the green peeking out around the girl in the final product. As per usual, I painted her on hot press watercolor paper then pasted her into my journal.

Other then that the bright colors are gone. I added some modeling paste mixed with acrylic paint accents to emphasis the change in color schemes.

Finally, I added a quote from Pablo Picasso that reflected my mood. “Every act of creations is first an act of destruction.”

I’m glad I stuck with this page. At one point I was ready to give up but I worked through it and I’m glad I did. I’m happy with the results.



Blue Moon

“Blue Moon”

I’m experimenting with different eye shapes.

She’s looking at a moon.

It’s a blue moon.

I also changed the words on my last painting.

It reads, “Innocence is like polished armor; it adorns and it defends.” Bishop Robert South You can read it better in person. The paint is really reflective in the picture. I’m not happy but I’m happier. I also put some highlights in her hair. I’m not sure that was the right move.

More paintings to come. I’m able to paint more now that baseball season is over!



It was so hard for me to come up with words for this painting. I think it was a complete fail. By the time I got to thinking about what I wanted to verbalize, I was tired and out of sorts. I just wanted to finish the painting. What I should have done was let it sit and let myself think it over. I should have taken more thought over what kind of words to actually put to paper.

I’ll be changing the words on the painting but I wanted to document the process of how important it is to get it right. To take the time and deliberate over each step. The painting won’t be perfect, but it’ll be an improvement over what it was.

I did enjoy the process of this painting. I used spray inks, metallic paint, rubber stamps, patterned papers, book pages, and something new to me! Vintage sewing patterns. Can you see it?

I also did something new to her face. Extra points to those who can spot it.

All in all, an enjoyable painting despite the fiasco with the wording which I will fix sometime today. Hopefully I’ll get off my lazy ass and take some photos of the new and improved painting this week.


The Stars

I took a hard look at why I was painting all these cute whimsy girls. I mean they aren’t really me. I don’t have a cute, whimsical personality. The fact remains I do enjoy painting them, so I decided to put a new twist on them. The whimsy girls would now adopt a sad face.

I’m not sure if she has a sad face or a thoughtful expression.

I decied to make her eyes different colors to give her an even more evocative look.  I also gave her nose more definition.

For the background I did some different things. For one thing I didn’t add beeswax.

For another, I added some brayering which I normally only do with portraits. I really just felt like it and it was fun.

I did add my normal stamping and tissue paper. This time I didn’t scrunch up the tissue paper though. I let it lie flat as a transparent layer.

Another new element I added was modeling paste and Lumiere paint. I like the modeling paste because it really adds texture. The Lumiere paint really adds shine and color.

Finally, I added a rather melancholy phrase; “The stars were her only friends.” I felt like it just fit the painting.

All in all, I consider this painting a success because I felt it was very fulfilling. It satisfied my artistic side and my temperament.

My next goal is to do one of these girls on canvas!