Even more Swap love. Now with Doodle-Tut adoration.

I have even more swappage to share today. (Swappage is a technical “Opal” term by the way. /ahem)

The first swappage is for Swap-Bot. Of course.  It’s for the Pure Zen Zentangle 3.5 Square Swap. I’ve been participating in something like this for awhile now. I really enjoy getting down and just doing a simple black and white tangle.

The first one came out just “fine. We’re allowed to use grey markers for shading so I tried to use that to my advantage. I’m fairly happy with how it came out.

The Jester's Court

I ran into a stumbling block with the second one. A big ol’ mess of a mistake as a matter of fact. I checked with my partner to make sure it would be okay if I blacked out my boo-boo with a black marker and then draw over it with a white pen.

Lucky for me she’s fine with that!

Reef Life

I think I actually like that one better then the first one. Hrm.

The next swap is for the Yahoo group “Zentangled Inspired Art“.  The theme for this swap is eyes and lucky for me Doodletuts has a tutorial out this week on how to draw eyes!



Like I said yesterday, art isn’t always pretty. It seems a lot of my art isn’t always pretty.

I’m okay with that though! I know it’s not going to be popular, but like the button on the sidebar says,

I refuse to stop doing what I love just because it isn’t popular.

I sing that loud. I sing that clear. I sing it every day. :)

So maybe I find acceptance, maybe I don’t. I’m okay with that too. I think it’s all about accepting yourself. That’s what should come first.

If self-doubt creeps in and believe me, it creeps in(!!!) I always have this guy who loves me unconditionally.


How can I not love him back?

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. Carrie#K Says:

    Impossible not to love the darling furry.

  2. sherri Says:

    i like your art…. don’t knock it! you are doing a great job! and who said art had to be neat & tidy? that is a lesson taught to me by an artist recently… messy is creative…. i’m trying to buy into that thought haha rock on sister!! keep creating!

  3. hetty Says:

    I love the first one. I think it must be the pattern in it. It is in the third and fourth one too. Reminds me of quilt patterns.

  4. Sarah Says:

    How very interesting that what had a mess of mistakes turned out to be your favored.

    Pretty is not the only way to measure worth, and beauty is not always pretty. You are creating, and that is important.


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