ECF – Retrospective

I have already mentioned that Jamie has been an inspiration to me. I’ve said that she’s the whole reason that I’ve gotten back into seed beading.  If not for her I would not have rediscovered my love for the tiny beads.

It all happened sometime last year when she asked me if I wanted to join in on one of the Needle and Thread classes at her shop. From there I took off as only the madly obsessed do.

One of the first projects I did when I started back up again, was a Spiral Peyote Bracelet. For some reason, I chose pink with pearls.

I was very happy with how it turned out, but I didn’t think it really belonged to me. Somehow I knew the bracelet was meant for Jamie as a thank you.

Right now, it resides in a counter on display at the shop. It feels pretty good knowing that Jamie and Jason think it’s good enough to have a place in such a prominent place.

Back in the here and now, despite my resolution to finish what’s on the needles, Megan has concocted a knit-along. She’s roped a few of us into knitting the Haruni, which is  a truly beautiful shawl.

I’ve already decided to use some yarn in my stash for it.

I love me my blues and I love me that yarn. I can’t wait to start! That means I have to do a bit of speed-knitting on the two shawls I have going on. I figure if I finish one of them, I can cast on for another.

What better way to speed knit then to have a totally blissed out cat by your side?

Happy Friday, everyone! Have a great weekend!


  1. Roseann Says:

    What a heavenly bracelet! There is no stopping you as you never cease to amaze me with your beading abilities. I cannot even begin to imagine how you created such seamless perfection. The shades of pink are gorgeous and then you create texture, too. Will you add beads to the edge of Haruni? I think I see a halo over Quincy’s head, too cute!

  2. April Says:

    I love the bracelet’s change in color and diameter.

    I wish I had a cat to hang out and knit with.

  3. Walden Says:

    The bracelet is gorgeous and I am not even a fan of pink! You have lovely craftsmanship. Oh how I miss kitties, I just want to kiss the little kitty nose.

  4. Rae Says:

    I have tons of seed beads and I know I couldn’t make anything as beautiful as you do your bracelet is gorgeous. I have been eyeballing the Haruni for awhile I can’t wait to see yours in the pretty blue.

  5. debbie Says:

    the bracelet reminds me of some kind of coral found in the sea – very natural looking….i can hardly wait to see progress of haruni!

  6. Jenny K Says:

    That is a beautiful bracelet! (even though I’m not a fan of pink)

    I love that shawl too! If I hadn’t had my ‘current’ shawl on the needle since … um … 2006(?), I would be tempted by it. Perhaps I should buy the pattern ‘just in case’ I need it one day … :-)

  7. Jenny K Says:

    Oh, I just noticed it is a free download! Woohoo!

  8. Sarah Says:

    Another amazing thank you for Jamie! I adore that bracelet, and see why it is on display for all to see.

    Haruni in those beautiful blues are wonderful inspiration to speed you on through at least one of the current lace pieces you have going.

    He’s cheering you on in his dreams!


  9. hetty Says:

    I love the bracelet! I can see why Jamie would want to display it. It is very beautiful. I can hear your needles clicking as you speed knit your way to a shawl finish! Quincy is so cute. My cats always want to help by sitting on the things I am making.

  10. Laughingrat Says:

    That bracelet is very pink, but it’s also very cool. :) The ridge of pearls really makes it, I think. Congratulations on its being displayed!

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