Destruction construction: Creative freedom

I was asked to join an art journal link party by Ambika. The journal prompt for this week is “creative freedom”. I sat down to do my page and gave myself free reign to do absolutely anything that I came to my fancy. I decided to do whatever first came to my mind. Like adding whatever color struck me first. I did that until I came out with this:

Excuse the photograph. I didn’t intend to show it to anyone else.

Anyway, I wasn’t exactly pleased with where all this freedom was leading me. So I ended up kind of adding layers and by that process, deconstructing all that bright busy color until I  was happy. The finished page looks like this:

You can still see the green peeking out around the girl in the final product. As per usual, I painted her on hot press watercolor paper then pasted her into my journal.

Other then that the bright colors are gone. I added some modeling paste mixed with acrylic paint accents to emphasis the change in color schemes.

Finally, I added a quote from Pablo Picasso that reflected my mood. “Every act of creations is first an act of destruction.”

I’m glad I stuck with this page. At one point I was ready to give up but I worked through it and I’m glad I did. I’m happy with the results.




  1. Hattie Says:

    It does look better toned down, nice job and I love the quote as well, never heard that one.

  2. Andy Lean Says:

    I really enjoyed your blog post and your interpretation of Picasso quote. It is very inspirational! Glad to find you through Sunny Link!

  3. opal Says:

    Thank you so much!

  4. Ambika Sudhakaran Says:

    Beautifully narrated process of deconstruction leading towards a harmonious outcome! Love the quote, the textures and the overall feel of the page. Thanks for joining the party, and see you around!

  5. opal Says:

    Thanks Ambika! It’s great to be a part of the party!

  6. Voni Kinderknecht Says:

    I just purchased a jar of modeling paste today and after seeing your piece I’m really excited to try it out. I love how you toned down the colors. It feels very warm and inviting! Love it!

  7. opal Says:

    Thanks Voni! I’m sure you’ll have fun with the modeling paste. :)

  8. MARIA SOTO Says:

    I love what you did, and I too feel the same way when I pait or craft, sometimes I have to take a brake and come back to it, and I know I’m done when I love what I see. It’s beautiful

  9. opal Says:

    Thank you! I usually take a break but I wanted to Get It Done! This is how I work when I’m on a deadline I guess. It was good for me!

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