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A long time coming.

I’ve been wanting to learn how to incorporate cabochons into my work for years. In fact, I’ve amassed quite a collection of cabochons. So when a class for a bead embroidery cuff bracelet came up at Bella Bead’s, I grabbed it.

The “focal piece” is a dichroic lampwork piece. It reminded me of an opal so I just had to use it. The two beads on the side are coin pearls.

I also used Blue Lace Agate cabochons on the sides. That’s another one of my favorite semi-precious stones.

As for the seed beads, I used size 11′s, size 15′s and a sprinkling of 8′s.

You can really tell this is my first bracelet though. I didn’t manage to completely cover up the ultra-suede covered brass cuff on one side.

Ah well. It’s unlikely anyone will notice that when I wear it.

This style of jewelry isn’t exactly me, but I had so much fun -making- it that I don’t really care. This was just a great way to dive into a technique that I’m truly enjoying.

I currently have a necklace in the works that’s more laid back. I’m more likely to wear that then this piece.

Meanwhile, Sammy is getting comfy in our new home.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Thanks for reading. :)