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Sad Little George.

A couple of months ago my mother requested an Amigurumi monkey for a birthday party this past Saturday,  October 2nd. Did I make it then? Or even a month ago? Or even two weeks before the party?

Oh no. I started the silly thing on the  Friday before the party.

I was up until 1am, but I finished it.

He’s so obviously a rush job. The poor thing is lopsided and his face? Look how sad he looks!

Not my best work. :P

The good thing is that he’s for a 1-year-old child. I don’t think the boy is really going to care how the monkey looks.  But the parents might have a different opinion.

On a more positive note, I finally listed more handspun in my shop.


100% Merino from Forest Fiberworks

315 yards

12 WPI – 4.15 oz

This really isn’t what I usually pick as far as colors go, but I loved it when I saw it. I chose to chain ply it to keep it “pure”.  Or something like that. :P

Mixed Berries

100% Merino from Fiber Forestworks

285 yards

12 WPI – 4.15 oz

These colors are more up my alley. Maybe I chose the other braid to break the monotony of what I usually have in the shop?

I don’t even remember when I spun up these two skeins. That’s how long ago it was. It was probably before the summer.  How sad is that?

Oh well. At least I got it done. Right?

And I have the Sammy to cheer me up. Never mind his dirty blanket. Apparently he loves it that way.  ;-P

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I was going to torture you…

…with the Three’s Company theme song, but I decided I didn’t want to get lynched. Instead I’ll just present the three minions I now have at my service.

(I hope. You never know.)

The third minion is rather different then the others. For one thing, it’s a bit androgynous. For another thing, it’s hatless and it has bigger eyes.

I like to think of him as a golem.  A Terry Pratchett Discworld golem* to be more exact. If I follow this line of thinking, this may lead my minions to open rebellion and I may have to put them on a payroll.


So maybe I’ll just think of this little guy as a generic golem.

That’s all I’ve got. We’re having summertime weather here and I’m too reluctant to use the air conditioner in May, so I’m baking. Some would say needlessly, but I’m the stubborn sort.

Happy Thursday, everyone! I hope cooler weather prevails where you are!

*I do realize I may have lost a lot of you at this point so I’ll explain a bit. Discworld golem’s are free-thinking independant beings and not at the mercy of any master. I better watch my back.

Even a minion needs a friend.

I originally wanted to create a little orc monster, but I just didn’t have the right shade of green.  Instead, the green I ended up using made my little monster look like a goblin.

Since it was a goblin and goblins are such odd creatures, I just had to give her extra limbs. I really wanted to give her 4 arms. Only when I attached the extra arm on the first side, she ended up looking like she had rather strange pigtails.

So she ended up with three arms and I now have an extra limb floating around.

I also didn’t stuff her head as much as I did with my first minion, which is why I feel this one is a girl. She looks so dainty!

Now my minion has a buddy. They’re even holding hands proving that even monsters have a soft side. ;)

Quincy doesn’t care how cute they are. He just wants his nap.

Happy Aloha Friday, everyone! No work till Monday! ;-)

This and that. Also, winners!

This weekend I was all over the place. I worked a little on this and I worked a little on that. Never really focusing on just one thing.

Currently I have over three jewelry projects in the works and we won’t even number the knitting projects. And my spinning wheel? It’s sobbing quietly in the corner.

Anyway here”s a glimpse of a minion head and a necklace that’s taking a lot more time then I anticipated.

I had hoped that green would be good for a mini-orc, but I don’t think it’s working out. I think I’ve found the right green though. We’ll see. I’ll save that up for another day. ;-P

As for the necklace, I’m using 26g wire and 4mm beads. While it’s easy to work with the wire, it takes awhile to get some length with the 4mm beads. They be tiny and I’m going for an 18″ necklace.

Now for the really juicy stuff. The winners of the give-away contest!

The third prize goes to formerly no-blog Rachel, second place goes to Sue H. of Craft It Again, and the first prize goes to Rae Knits N Wa!

Thanks to everyone who participated. I had a blast with it and I’m sure I’ll be doing more of these in the future.

Sammy wants to know where his prize is at.

Happy Monday, everyone!  Let’s hope I find some focus soon.

Even a monkey needs a minion.

I have succumbed to the plague of minions running wild  around the blogosphere. First it was Cookie, then it was Sandy (aka Slanger) that infected me with the bug. Both have created mighty armies of minions to cater to their every whim. But I think it was Sandy’s Orc-like minion that was the tipping point for me.

In my feverish state, I searched high and low for my leftover sock yarn. Much to my frustration, they were nowhere to be found.

This happens to me all the time. I was supposed to send it to a friend for her sock blanket (so sorry Becky!), but I couldn’t find it! Then when I did come across it, I put it in a safe place. When it came time to mail it out? I couldn’t find it! I came across it again. I put it in another safe place. Etc, etc, etc.

This is the vicious cycle I’m trapped in.

Finally, I settled with leftover handspun.

Note: That’s a crappy nighttime photo. Please excuse the quality.

Once I was done with the minion himself, I wanted to give him a little hat to match his yellow eyes. Only the handspun I had on hand was just the wrong weight.

What did I end up doing?

Despite the fact I might really need the yardage later on, I unearthed unused sock yarn. Because really? This little buddy needed a yellow hat!


I knit about a half inch too much on the hat and I’ve discovered that when it comes to objects of this scale, a half inch makes a big difference.

Ah well. Live and learn.

Next up is my own Orc-like minion. Orcs make great soldiers for those battling such monsters as volcanic dragons, hydras, and sea serpents.

Can ya tell I play too much Castle Age on Facebook?

Happy Wednesday folks! Don’t forget to enter the contest/give-away/whatever.

ETA: Thanks to Cookie for alerting me to the fact that the comments were closed on the bloggy.  It’s one of those days! Oof.