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Yesterday I worked on a bracelet that totally trashed my hands and nails. Oh my poor nails. They weren’t much to begin with but now? Now they’re just hideous. :P

I think it was worth it though.

It took me pretty much all day to hand coil all of that. I ended up with a blister too, but I like the effect of hand coiling so there ya go.

I also got to use these Bali Sterling Silver beads I’ve had forever and a day.

The main focus of the bracelet was to use a Green Girl bead. The bead I chose to use out of my massive collection was a mermaid bead. I am all about the mermaids.

I want to do more bracelets a little like this. Just variations on the theme. For that I need more Bali Silver and wire. For that I need more money. The price of silver has skyrocketed.

So I’ve been updating my shop. So take a looksee and if you find something you like please feel free to give to the Opal Fund. :D

Sammy will love you forever for it. :)

Shameless self-promotion aside. Have a wonderful weekend and I won’t do that again. I’m just a little bit out of it. I got ten hours of sleep last night. My system is in shock so all my built-in inhibitors are offline. :D

Much aloha!

Dancing Swirls Dragonfly Set

I have given the design a name. Yay.

I took a photo of the whole set together. Yay.

Dancing Swirls Dragonfly Set

Here’s a close-up of the earrings.

And a close-up of the bracelet.

I was a little disappointed that my strand of gemstones had a limited number of “pink” stones, so I had to use them sparingly. Not that I’m a pink fan. I think it just set off the other stones really nicely.

This is a really special set that holds a lot of sentimental value to it though. The beads and the pendant were both gifts from my mother. I don’t think they were cheap either. This set is going to be treasured for sure.

I have one card to show you all.

The background is done on glossy cardstock and the image was heat embossed with clear powder. Then I used some alcohol inks to color it up. The clear embossing powder didn’t pick up the color but it seems to have picked up the silver metallic ink I used.

I really like this effect so I’ll probably be using this for more backgrounds. :)


Yeah he wasn’t too happy with me sticking my camera phone in his face. :P

Happy Thursday, people! The weekend is right around the corner!

Oh my. Jewelries!

If you’ve come here looking for tangles, I’m afraid I’m going to have to disappoint you. There are no tangles today. Only jewelries!

Funnily, I finished the first bracelet I originally started in the Leather Lattice Bead Treat class.

Single Wrap Leather Lattice Bracelet

I love those silver beads. I wish I could afford a whole truckload of them. :)

Then, over the weekend I actually got the wire bug! :-o

When was the last time that happened?!  Too long. Much too long.

I happened to be flipping through an issue of “Step By Step Wire Jewelry” when I came across an earring project and I thought to myself, “Hey! This looks like fun!” I had all the materials, so I plunged right in.

I’ve decided to give these earrings a name of my own, “Starfish Earrings”.

"Starfish Earrings"

I really like weaving with wire. I find it a fun and relaxing process.

All the beads I used were collecting dust in my stash. I was especially happy to use the lampwork beads.

I got them forever ago on Etsy at Java Bead: Fire & Glass Desings. I’ve treasured them and saved them for the perfect project. Luckily I have more of these beads so maybe I have make a matching necklace.

The earrings are a little heavy, but I don’t plan on wearing them all day long. I’ll only use them when I go out to dinner or maybe when I have coffee with friends, so they shouldn’t be a problem.

I’m going to make another pair with lighter beads. I’ll report back and tell you how they work out. ;-)

On Friday I shared a photo of a Ginger flower bud. Today I have a Ginger Flower in bloom!

I hope you all had a splendiferous weekend and that you’re surviving Monday well!

Let me sum up. Or not.

I have quite a few things to cover in this post! A new tangle pattern!  A new tangle using the pattern! A new bracelet!

Let’s start with the bracelet. I finished this sometime last week, but I’ve had so much to blog about I didn’t want to deluge the blog with too much information.

Or maybe it was because I was too lazy to take photos.


All of a sudden there’s a lot more brown and gold in my life. I’m not sure where that’s coming from. I’m usually a blue and silver person. I’m not complaining though! It’s good to get out of a color rut. :)

I’m really happy I got to use the button. It’s antique and it’s been collecting dust in my stash for quite a few years.

I also got to use black and gold cathedral beads that I’ve probably had in my stash for about ten years. Ten years is a rather long time, don’t you think?

They fit into my new brown and gold world quite nicely though. :)

That bracelet wraps around my wrist four times. I guess I couldn’t stop beading. It also makes a very nice sized necklace. In other words, it doesn’t choke the life out of me. ;-)

And no. There hasn’t been any word from the bead shop about the leather they’re supposed to restock. I’ve decided to bug them today about it. /sigh

Moving on.

I’m so excited! I finally came up with another tangle pattern of my own! That just doesn’t happen often.  I’ve got to change that.


I shamelessly copied my name selection method from Sandra Strait aka Molossus. Hopefully she’ll forgive me.

You know those interesting word combinations you have to type in to leave a comment or some such nonsense on different sites?  Just like Sandra, I’ve always been fascinated by them.

If I were a writer, I’d definitely be a sci-fi/fantasy writer and those pseudo-words would be featured as names or places in my fictional worlds. Instead I’ll use them for my tangle patterns just like Sandra does. :)

Now if I were to pronouce “Clemonsi” I’d say”Kleh-Moan-See”.

Here it is in a tangle.

"The Butterfly and the Caterpillar"

Can you spy the caterpillar? My mother had a hard time seeing it, but I think it’s glaringly obvious. Except I created it, so I’m just a little bit biased.

Of course there are more Mooki. I’m seeing Mooki everywhere these days. It’s an epidemic I tell you and a delightful one at that.

I still wake up to juicy rainy skies, but it clears around 11am. One of the local weathermen calls rainy skies juicy. Apparently it’s catchy.

Juicy skies certainly make the plants happy.

My camera really didn’t want to focus on the ginger bud and I had to do too many acrobatics to get that shot to really fix  that. I do think it’s interesting the way the leaves are so sharply in focus.

It’s Aloha Friday! Hopefully where you are it’s pauhana time! (End of the working day.)

Have a great weekend. :)


Dragonflies and Swaps! (Lotsa Photos!)

Remember that poor bracelet that had to have emergency care? I finished it last night!

This baby wraps around my wrist three times and also makes a comfortable necklace.

I used another dragonfly button for the clasp.

Did you notice I mixed my metals? I hardly ever do that. I credit that to dearest Megan.

The leather cord I used is called “Distressed Brown.” Speaking of brown, brown and turquoise was the theme for one of the swaps I’m in over at Zentangle Inspired Art.

Another swap I’m in is called “Floral Paisley.”

I much prefer the on the right to the one on the left. The one on the left is just too carnival for me.

I also joined a traditional tile swap.

For the bottom tile, I used a very little bit of pencil but mostly I used a grey marker to shade.

For the last show and tell of swappie tangles, I joined a swap on Swap-Bot that required you use patterns that start with the letters ‘E’ and ‘F’.

Finally, there are no kitty photos. There is a picture of some flowers blooming out on my lanai. I thought that some of you might appreciate it.

Let’s just hope I don’t kill this one off.

On that note, I hope you’re having a happy Tuesday everyone! :D

Ping Pong

As previously mentioned, I took a  beading class on Saturday. It was only an hour, but after that hour I was beat! I can’t wait to get out of this bad health cycle.

Nevermind that though, what counts is that I had a great time. I’ve been going to The Bead Gallery since the 90’s and going back to the store was like returning to my second home. It was all hugs and concern over my health. Jamie (the wife of the husband/wife owner team) is such an empathetic listener and friend. I was nearly brought to tears when I related to her what a hard time I’ve been having these past few months,  no matter how much I tried to stay upbeat. Now that’s what I call a friend!

Plus, they never pressure me to buy more. In fact they’re completely considerate of my tight budget. Now that’s what I call true service!

Enough of my gushing! On to the class!

I took the Lattice Bracelet Bead Treat which was free. Free! (You can see a sample of the bracelet on The Bead Gallery’s home page.) All I had to do was buy the supplies. I started a simple bracelet and went home to finish it. Only I ran out of one of the beads I’m using for it because I was so busy chattering with everyone I forgot to buy enough. :P

So I started another one. Only I wasn’t able to finish that one either because the leather broke. I have no idea what I did wrong, but I probably handled it too roughly since I’m used to working with wire. I did some some rapid response treatment, only it wasn’t so rapid. I had to let the glue dry. SO! I started another bracelet. This time I was able to finish it.

I just love the fact that I can use buttons for this project! I love buttons! This bracelet also winds around my wrist twice and can do the job as a choker in a cinch.

I love the fact that the different size beads give it a wave.

This project is such fun! I’m so happy that I’m finally back into jewelry making! Albeit, only one type of technique for now.

I’m still tangling too. I decided to do something a wee bit different then I normally do. I started with  a barebones string based on the “Munchin” pattern. Then I just filled it in with whatever pattern struck my fancy.


I normally plan out a tangle even if that’s not what is technically what Zentangling is all about. I like my tangles to be cohesive. In my opinion, this is definitely not. That’s why I called it “Discombobulated.”

"Discombobulated" - Page 1

I used my 8.25 x 5.5″ Handbook Artists Journal for a change. This is my first landscape journal and I’m still getting used to it. I tried to make the crease a seamless part of the layout even though I saw somewhere that you’re supposed to pretend it’s not there.

"Discombobulated" - Page 2

I’m going to try and keep both my beading and my tangling passions up at an equal pace, but I feel  like a ping pong. It’s hard to refocus my energies from one to another. I really am going to try though!

Sammy is not only annoyed with the camera right in his mug, he’s annoyed with the fact that it’s a Monday morning.

I once heard of someone saying that “Monday’s being bright and full of promise.” If you’d like to join me in lynching that person, I’ll be right over there —–> .


Friday Night Special

No, today is not Friday. I wish it were and I’m willing to bet you are too.  The title of this post refers to a bracelet I started and was able to finish on Friday night.

That is the Arabesque Bracelet. The instructions were provided to me by The Bead Gallery via my gracious, twittery friend Maria.

My mother preferred the bracelet without the pictots, but I do so love them.

I foresee this bracelet becoming my quick go-to present for when I have short notice. Although I am going to need enough time to hit a bead shop for supplies.

Or maybe I should just buy some beads to keep on hand just in case. ;-)

I didn’t get a chance to spin or ply this weekend. My knee has gone wonky and I didn’t want to push my luck by aggravating it with the spinning wheel.

Stupid knee.

I did do a lot of drawing.

Instead of inundating you with all of my work here, I have revitalized my LiveJournal as my artsy fartsy space. I’ll probably still through up the odd tangle here now and again, but if you feel the need to follow my pen and ink pursuits then please come and see me on LiveJournal. :)

Speaking throwing up a piece, here’s one I did when I wasn’t able to sleep. Naturally it’s called “Insomniac.”

Finally, Hetty asked for some Sammy action or maybe some inaction?

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m waiting on the plumber to come due to a leak in the kitchen sink.  Oh yay. :P

Tangling with bordeaux.

Yesterday I decided to spin while chatting on the phone. To my surprise I found what I thought was a long lost bracelet project in my spinning basket. What’s even more surprising is that I was able to finish it!

You might remember this style of bracelet since I’ve already done this before. I had so much fun with it, I decided to do another.

Of course I used a Calvin Orr lampwork bead as the focal piece. I think this is another of his “rejects”.  He’s such a perfectionist! Of course I know nothing of that kind of thinking.  :P

Even though it’s tricky to start, I really love this seed bead stitch. For those wondering, it’s Peyote stitch with a bunch of crazy decreases and increases.

I basically made this bracelet for the sake of making the bracelet. I really don’t have anything in my wardrobe that would match it. Luckily, my mother does and since it came out a bit small for my wrist, it fits her perfectly.

So once again, my mother gets another piece of jewelry unintentionally. :P

I’m still tangling. Here’s one of my latest.


I’m completely addicted to this style of drawing. Some people call it doodling, but I don’t really think it is since there’s intent behind the method. Sometimes I will doodle, but that’s a whole different ballgame.

Clear as mud, eh?

It fits what I used to do as a teen. I was all about the geometric shapes.  See?

doodle from the late 80's/ early 90's

I’m glad I never threw out that sketchbook. It’s really great to see what I used to do all those years ago.

No kitty photos today. They seem to have evaporated into the humidity or something like that.

Happy Wednesday!

Mission accomplished.

I was bound and determined to finish a necklace for Mom by the time her birthday rolls around. I finished a necklace last night and since her birthday is the 24th of this month, I got the job done with some room to spare.

That’s the Multiple Choice Necklace from the magazine Bead & Button, Issue 96. I used fluorite, amethyst, freshwater pearls, and swarovski crystals for the focal area.

Because my Mom has short hair I picked pretty findings since they’ll be so visible.

I also finished the earth tone Braenock Bracelet I was working on the other day.

I just used an assortment of czech fire polish colors that I had on hand since I didn’t have enough of one color to do the whole bracelet.

I’m not sure how well it worked out, but I had a lot of fun making it.

Knitting has taken a backseat mostly because it’s been so hot here. Beading is so much nicer to do in the midst of the hottest months of the year. Plus, those little beads are very hypnotic.

I’ve been working on another necklace for Mom since I have a couple more weeks before her birthday hits. The question is, will I be able to finish that one in time too?


Happy Thursday, everyone!

Braenock Bracelet

Saturday was my monthly “bead’n’bitch” meeting with my friends over at Bella Beads. I brought a seed bead project because it’s so much more portable then bringing a wire project.

With wire projects I’d need to bring all my tools, which includes hammers, bench block, and mandrels. I’d also need to bring all the required gauges of wire that I might need and all the findings.

I could buy everything at the shop negating my need to haul a suitcase full of supplies, but I have a serious stash that needs busting. In fact, I think my bead and wire stash now outweighs my yarn stash.

But I digress.

Once I got home from all the fun, I was once again fully obsessed with the tiny beads. Only instead of finishing off the numerous bead WIP’s I have going on, I started a new project and even managed to finish it on Sunday.

The pattern is the Braenock Bracelet by Nancy Peterson.  It called for 3mm Fire Polish beads, but I used 4mm beads instead.

The pattern was very easy to follow, which made the bracelet a joy to make. So much so, I started another bracelet.

Please note that this second bracelet is being made in earth tones. I don’t wear earth tones. It’s not that I don’t like them, I just don’t wear them. So Im not exactly sure what’s going to happen to this bracelet.

I can’t sell it. You can never really get a good price for seed bead work. I don’t have any friends that would wear it either. So it might be time to shop for an outfit in earth tones.  Poor me. ;-)

Remember how I told you I was going to give  Acornbud some spinning lessons? Check it out! She made yarn at my house! She’s a natural at the wheel.  Woohoo!

Sammy is making sure Quincy is still breathing. o.O

You alive?

Happy Tuesday, everyone!