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Even more Swap love. Now with Doodle-Tut adoration.

I have even more swappage to share today. (Swappage is a technical “Opal” term by the way. /ahem)

The first swappage is for Swap-Bot. Of course.  It’s for the Pure Zen Zentangle 3.5 Square Swap. I’ve been participating in something like this for awhile now. I really enjoy getting down and just doing a simple black and white tangle.

The first one came out just “fine. We’re allowed to use grey markers for shading so I tried to use that to my advantage. I’m fairly happy with how it came out.

The Jester's Court

I ran into a stumbling block with the second one. A big ol’ mess of a mistake as a matter of fact. I checked with my partner to make sure it would be okay if I blacked out my boo-boo with a black marker and then draw over it with a white pen.

Lucky for me she’s fine with that!

Reef Life

I think I actually like that one better then the first one. Hrm.

The next swap is for the Yahoo group “Zentangled Inspired Art“.  The theme for this swap is eyes and lucky for me Doodletuts has a tutorial out this week on how to draw eyes!



Like I said yesterday, art isn’t always pretty. It seems a lot of my art isn’t always pretty.

I’m okay with that though! I know it’s not going to be popular, but like the button on the sidebar says,

I refuse to stop doing what I love just because it isn’t popular.

I sing that loud. I sing that clear. I sing it every day. :)

So maybe I find acceptance, maybe I don’t. I’m okay with that too. I think it’s all about accepting yourself. That’s what should come first.

If self-doubt creeps in and believe me, it creeps in(!!!) I always have this guy who loves me unconditionally.


How can I not love him back?

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Humid Days, Late nights

The southern winds are blowing through the islands bringing vog and humidity galore. So while I love the stormy skies, the humidity is something I could definitely live without.

view from my bedroom

I’ve been huddling in my bedroom, cranking up the air conditioner up high so my Fibromyalgia doesn’t flare up. Unfortunately the only real relief that I seem to get is late at night when things really cool down.

That’s okay though! Art isn’t on a schedule!

In fact, I work better at night. Especially when I’m trying to depict such things as Hades and the river Styx. Y’see I joined a swap on Swap-Bot for the group Nightmares & Fairy Tales called “Otherworlds ATC Series #1″ and the first of the set is to depict “Hades”.

My first try didn’t work out so good.

"Modern Hades"

I tried using a rubber stamped image and ended up with a boy in a hoodie. Not a world. Not a world at all.


So try and try again.


I still had a hard time getting away from the image of the man “Hades” so I decided to go with it. Only I added a “ferry” and a bit of a river.  Of course I had to add some tormented souls.

What would an underworld be without some tormented souls? :P

I really hope my partner likes these. I worked hard on them. I struggled with the concept and with the effort to NOT Zentangle them. For some reason, I couldn’t envision any tangles in these ATC’s.

I did need to tangle the next project as I switched gears from the Underworld to butterflies of all things.

I did add a small, dark, twisty thing to the butterfly. I’m not sure if anyone can spot it. If you can, leave a comment. I’m not going to say what it is just yet.

“Where in the tangle is the dark twisty thing?” :P

I think I need to add more to the tile. Maybe some flowers. Only when I look at it, all I hear is that Rolling Stones song “Paint It Black”.

That can’t be good.

Maybe I should listen to something other then Three Days Grace when I work on pretty things like butterflies.


In the meantime, Quincy’s trying to seduce me with his wily wiles.


I have to make art, Quincy. I will not be seduced.


Happy Tuesday, people. Today is  a new day!

(How’s that for a cliche?)

Opinionated Wonderland Intermission

Despite my all-out enthusiasm for the “Wonderland Series”, I still have other commitments as well as a need to take a breather from that strange universe.

One of those commitments was the Mandala Swap on Swap-Bot.


I used a different approach to this mandala then I normally do. I usually start off with a flower, but I found “Marbles” so appealing I just had to use it! I also added elements of “Morning Flower” to it, so I suppose this mandala is a bit of a hybrid.

I’m happy to report that the mandala was well received by my swap partner, which is always a huge relief to me. As Edgar Allen Poe once said, “I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it.” :)

Since I’ve been so “into” color, I thought that I’d do a simple black and white tangle just for kicks.


This was incredibly relaxing. It was done in my 5.5×5.5″ Handbook Artist Journal, a size I find fast and easy to work with. I tried out some “new to me” patterns and I used some favorites of mine.

The story behind the tangle is the tsunami warning sirens here in Hawaii. At the beginning of every month, they’re tested to see if they work properly. I completely forgot yesterday was the first business day of a new month which is when they test them. When I heard the sirens I completely freaked for a few minutes before I realized what was going on.


(Now here comes my soap box moment.)

I suppose I more or less followed the true creed of a “Zentangle” with “Again”. I recently found out that there are two rules. (Rules! For art!)

  1. use a 3.5″ square tile (ha!)
  2. limit yourself to 15 minutes (hahaha!)

I’ve found few to none that adhere to these so-called rules. So if that’s the criteria for what a Zentangle truly is, then I’m going to stop calling what I do “Zentangling” and simply call it “Tangling”. :P

I truly believe art is subjective. No one should dictate to you what you should or shouldn’t do with what you do with your art! So to have rules? That’s just contrary to my personal creed.

I even found someone who agrees with me about the rules.  So there. Neener. Nyah. And all that mature adult stuff.

Quincy doesn’t care to truly voice his opinion, he just wants the limelight.

That’s right. He’s lying down on my lapdesk which is on my lap. It’s the only time he comes near my lap. He also prefers it if I have a writing instrument in motion. What’s he trying to tell me?


I’m so glad I survived Monday. I think I’m just going to thoroughly enjoy Tuesday. At least that’s what I’ve decided and a conscious decision is a great start!

I hope you have a happy Tuesday as well! :)

The Lone Tangler

Last night I got together with a few of my friends. They’re all knitters! Not a single tangler amongst them! Luckily, they still valued my company. Although I was a bit glum over the fact that no one took up my offer of teaching them how to tangle.


My depressed state of mind seems to be evident in our group photo taken with Acornbud’s iPhone.

From left to right: Barbrara, Barb aka Acornbud, me, and Dayna.

Barbara is my second mother and Dayna is my little sister. In other words, we’re not related by blood. It doesn’t matter though, we’re still as close as family can be.

I suppose that makes Barb my auntie? :D

While they knitted, I worked on a tile.

That tile is headed to whoever my partner will be in the swap Alphabet Zentangle [G, H] on Swap-B0t. It’s another swap in a series where you only use patterns starting with a specific letter. As you might have guessed, this particular swap is for the letters ‘G’ and ‘H’.

For the background I used Inkssentials Distress Stains. I really like how you can cover large ares with this handy dandy product.

Joy of joys! For the rest of the colors, I used my new watercolor pencils!

Yes! They came! I wasted no time in using them either! :D

I also worked on an ATC for the same swap.

I mainly worked on the drawing aspect while I was at the coffee shop and then I added the color when I got home. Needless to say, I’m having a blast with my new pencils!

In fact, when I woke up at 2:30am this morning (!!!) I finished up a tangle I was doing in my journal and played around even more with them.


That particular tangle reminds me of a fish swimming against the current. At least that’s what I see.  The great thing about abstract art is that everyone may come away with a different perspective. :)

Now I’m going to take my tired self off to bed to get some rest. Waking up at 2:30AM is ridiculous. Utterly insane if you ask me.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Lazy Days

Hey there! How are ya? How was your weekend? I hope it was good. Mine was filled with lazy days. I didn’t finish a single drawing/tangle. That’s rather strange for li’l ol’ me. Instead, I read a lot and slept a lot.

I still have something to show you though! I finished these tiles awhile ago for a swap on Swap-Bot!

Again, I used the two-pencil technique by Margaret Bremner as mentioned in previous posts. As you can see, I’m really into that particular way of making strings! Mainly because it gives me interesting shapes to fill.

In case you’re wondering, this is a traditional swap so no color for me! Sometimes it’s nice to just do without.

I called the bead store about when they’re getting more leather for my bracelets. They’re not getting it  in for another week! Boo! Hiss!

Ah well. It’s not like I don’t have anything else to do. I still have a little bit of leather left over to eke out a single wrap bracelet.  Plus, I’ve been really wrapped up in my drawing.

Or should I say really tangled.

Haha. Yeah I crack me up. :P

Anyway, I want to apologize for not commenting on people’s blogs. I’ve been reading them, but I just haven’t had the energy to comment.  So I hope you all will accept my apologies.

Here’s the hibiscus as it blossoms.

The landscapers are here and the smell of freshly mowed grass is wreaking havoc on my allergies. Boo! Hiss

Ah well. Things could always be worse. :)



In Living Color

I think I’ve mentioned the book “Time To Tangle In Color”  by Marie Browning before.  Although I don’t think I can mention it enough. It’s truly inspired me to ramp up my tangles to a new level. Now I look at each tangle I do in a new light.

How would this tangle look with a little color here or there? Should I use colored pens? Watercolor pencils? Both? The options are delightful!

Here’s my latest foray.


For that piece I used a myriad of different pens. I just went to town. I even used these nifty new ballpoint pens I picked up from Jet Pens! Needless to say, I had a blast. :)

Something else I’ve done is experiment with some new water brushes I received. These are really nifty little tools. All the portability of water and a brush without the fuss and mess of a loose bowl or cup of water that could slosh all over the place. This is excellent for when I’m laid up in bed and I want to play with my watercolor pencils!

Playing with watercolor pencils is what I did! In bed too!

I call the one on the top “Along A Bumpy Road” and the one on the bottom is “Afire”. I bought two sizes of water brushes, the small and the 12MM flat. I used the smaller size on the tile above and the flat on the bottom tile.   I’m so happy with those brushes!

Sammy is too busy lookin’ out the window to give a damn about what I’m jubilant about. :P

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Let’s hope this cold I have is gone quickly! I’m also hoping this post is coherent. o.O

Dragonflies and Swaps! (Lotsa Photos!)

Remember that poor bracelet that had to have emergency care? I finished it last night!

This baby wraps around my wrist three times and also makes a comfortable necklace.

I used another dragonfly button for the clasp.

Did you notice I mixed my metals? I hardly ever do that. I credit that to dearest Megan.

The leather cord I used is called “Distressed Brown.” Speaking of brown, brown and turquoise was the theme for one of the swaps I’m in over at Zentangle Inspired Art.

Another swap I’m in is called “Floral Paisley.”

I much prefer the on the right to the one on the left. The one on the left is just too carnival for me.

I also joined a traditional tile swap.

For the bottom tile, I used a very little bit of pencil but mostly I used a grey marker to shade.

For the last show and tell of swappie tangles, I joined a swap on Swap-Bot that required you use patterns that start with the letters ‘E’ and ‘F’.

Finally, there are no kitty photos. There is a picture of some flowers blooming out on my lanai. I thought that some of you might appreciate it.

Let’s just hope I don’t kill this one off.

On that note, I hope you’re having a happy Tuesday everyone! :D

Blargh. (Weekly Challenge #13)

This week’s challenge over at The Diva‘s blog is to use your non-dominant hand to create a zentangle. I put this off as long as I could. I waffled. I wavered. I said to myself, “maybe I’ll skip this one.”

Finally, I took the plunge.

"The Right Way"

That looks like chicken scratch to me.


I’m normally left-handed. After I was done my right hand, arm, and shoulder totally aches. I guarantee you I won’t be trying this again! I’m way too much of a perfectionist to put up with those kind of results. :P

Now that I’ve regurgitated that, I think I’m going to work on a proper tangle so I’ll have something to scan when my All-In-One gets here.

Good news! It’s supposed to get here today! Fingers crossed that it does. :)

Have a great weekend!

Swaps and Challenges

Hi! Long time no see! I’m still alive and kicking, as you can see.

My time has been absorbed with Zentangling and by what’s in this:

That’s my new Kindle cover and I’ve been reading voraciously. Before the Kindle, I had a hard time keeping a paperback open because of my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Forget about hardbacks. I haven’t really been able to really read for at least a year or two. Since I got my Kindle I’ve read at least five or six books! To put that into perspective, I got it in February. :-o

I guess I’m making up for lost time!

What am I reading? A bit of Shirley Rousseau Murpy and John Burdett. I love the Joe Grey books. That tom cat has got it going on! As for Burdett? He’s a master at his craft. Bangkok comes alive with his words.

As for the zentangling? I’m in a couple of fun swaps. One of them is called “Tentacle Themed Bookmark”. Here’s what I came up with.

I call it “Cthulu In Abstract” and it was really fun to make.

Another fun swap I’m in is actually a series. Right now it’s on its third round. It’s an open themed interpretation of Nightmares and Fairy Tales. If you recall the last time I posted, which was forever ago, the ATC card had a Fairy Tale topic. This time around I chose a darker subject.

I call it “Thirst”.  Pretty dark, huh?

How about something lighter?

A ZT blogger has been doing weekly challenges. I haven’t been keeping up, but I manged to combine two in one tile. The two challenges are #11 -Monotangle and #12 – Something Blue.

This is the first time I was able to use my INKtense Watercolor Pencils. I have to say I really enjoy using them. I plan to use them much more in the future. Especially since I just received the book “Time To Tangle In Color“.

That book is chock full of inspiration. It makes me want to run out and buy a bunch of new supplies too. Tsk tsk. That just won’t do. Especially since my All-In-One just broke and I had to buy a new one.

That’s why some of these are photos taken with my camera. That’s why they’re of a pretty poor quality. It’s pretty frustrating. I didn’t realize how important it was to me to share my work with my Zentangle group on Flickr until I lost my scanner. I’m trying to get the hang of taking decent photos of paper with my camera, but it’s tricky.

Hopefully my new All-In-One will get here sooner rather then later. I also hope the new scanner will be of a better quality then my old one. One can hope.

There has been no knitting. There has been no spinning. There has been no embroidering. I hurt my shoulder. Don’t ask me how, I have no idea. Drawing and reading have been the only occupations left to me. I’m perfectly happy with those  to keep me busy though, so I have no complaints! I’ve been really hyper-focused on the Zentangling anyway.

Happy Fat Tuesday, everyone! Go dance in the street. ;-)