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Even more Swap love. Now with Doodle-Tut adoration.

I have even more swappage to share today. (Swappage is a technical “Opal” term by the way. /ahem)

The first swappage is for Swap-Bot. Of course.  It’s for the Pure Zen Zentangle 3.5 Square Swap. I’ve been participating in something like this for awhile now. I really enjoy getting down and just doing a simple black and white tangle.

The first one came out just “fine. We’re allowed to use grey markers for shading so I tried to use that to my advantage. I’m fairly happy with how it came out.

The Jester's Court

I ran into a stumbling block with the second one. A big ol’ mess of a mistake as a matter of fact. I checked with my partner to make sure it would be okay if I blacked out my boo-boo with a black marker and then draw over it with a white pen.

Lucky for me she’s fine with that!

Reef Life

I think I actually like that one better then the first one. Hrm.

The next swap is for the Yahoo group “Zentangled Inspired Art“.  The theme for this swap is eyes and lucky for me Doodletuts has a tutorial out this week on how to draw eyes!



Like I said yesterday, art isn’t always pretty. It seems a lot of my art isn’t always pretty.

I’m okay with that though! I know it’s not going to be popular, but like the button on the sidebar says,

I refuse to stop doing what I love just because it isn’t popular.

I sing that loud. I sing that clear. I sing it every day. :)

So maybe I find acceptance, maybe I don’t. I’m okay with that too. I think it’s all about accepting yourself. That’s what should come first.

If self-doubt creeps in and believe me, it creeps in(!!!) I always have this guy who loves me unconditionally.


How can I not love him back?

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Weekly Challenge #21 – Not a cop out!

This week’s challenge over at “I Am The Diva” is to use the new “Oof” tangle from the official Zentangle site. When I first saw it, I thought it would make an excellent background pattern.

Anyway, I got a new rubber stamp from the sadly going out of business Addicted To Rubber Stamps site, which I will not link since they’ll soon be gone. (That’s the only link to the stamp I could find.) I quickly decided to do a drawing with it and use “Oof” in the background.


I swears, the rubber stamped image is under there somewhere. Pinky swears.

I named her “Theia” because I get a kick out of mythology and she just made me think,

“If she has grey hair and she’s up in the sky, she must be a goddess!”

Since “Theia” is not only the name of a goddess but also means goddess, I thought it fitting.

I hope it’s not too much hubris.  I do try for humble.

With Scheyer keeping an eye on me, it’s not too hard. He has the Death Glare down to a science.

Death Glare!

Speaking of the name “Scheyer”, I updated my Facebook profile. Did you know that Jon Scheyer has his own Facebook page? And that I could name him as one of my own favorite players?


Happy Saturday, people. The weekend has come. :)

Mail Art – A first!

I love Swap-Bot. I have a chance to join swaps that constantly challenge me as an artist. For example, the Hades ATC swap and now? The Mail Art #4 – Open Theme & Empty.

As the title implies, this is the fourth installment, meaning I’m late to the party. It’s still okay for me to chime in though!

This swap really excites me. I had received a piece of really fun mail art for no apparent reason I could tell from someone on Swap-Bot last month. You’ll have to take my word for it because it’s around 7am and I’m in no mood to scan in more then I have to.

Hey! I went to sleep at 3am! I’m tired! :P

Continuing with my rubber stamp addiction, I used the Da Vinci Chloe Face again for the back.

As you can see, I went a little crazy with the glitter pens. When in doubt, use glitter pens!

I didn’t think this project through though. I forgot that this is going through the mail so might be exposed through the elements so I didn’t use a waterproof pen for her hair. Boo!

My solution? Use Golden Gel Medium over the whole back!  (I didn’t apply it yet. I will when I’m done blogging.)

For the front I used the Da Vince Cosmos Face and some random stamp that I have no idea where I got it from.

As you can tell between the rubber stamped image and my own image, I took quite a bit of artistic license in the final drawing. I like to think of the rubber stamps as guides for the final outcome, not the end all be all of the piece. Ya know? :D

I smeared the ink of the second stamp so I might go back in and use a white pen on that area. The stamp I used was a clear acrylic stamp and I tend to have a hard time with those. I prefer rubber stamps on the whole. Although the acrylics are much more affordable.

Again. With the glitter pens. I tried to restrain myself. I think I mostly did? But then again, maybe not.

A new thing I did with the mail art is coloring in some spot areas with chalk. I figured if I’m going to have to use Gel Medium for the back, I best use it for parts of the front as well to give it a balanced look. So why not use chalk?

I’ve had these chalks forever. Megan gave them to me and I found this nifty YouTube video. So chalk was what I used! It was fun. I think I want more chalks. Tsk tsk.

I do not need more supplies. Really. Truly. Honestly. Seriously.

Then again…….

Maybe I should be like Scheyer and just surrender to my fate.


Happy Thursday, peoples! Friday is right around the corner and you know what that means! :D

Humid Days, Late nights

The southern winds are blowing through the islands bringing vog and humidity galore. So while I love the stormy skies, the humidity is something I could definitely live without.

view from my bedroom

I’ve been huddling in my bedroom, cranking up the air conditioner up high so my Fibromyalgia doesn’t flare up. Unfortunately the only real relief that I seem to get is late at night when things really cool down.

That’s okay though! Art isn’t on a schedule!

In fact, I work better at night. Especially when I’m trying to depict such things as Hades and the river Styx. Y’see I joined a swap on Swap-Bot for the group Nightmares & Fairy Tales called “Otherworlds ATC Series #1″ and the first of the set is to depict “Hades”.

My first try didn’t work out so good.

"Modern Hades"

I tried using a rubber stamped image and ended up with a boy in a hoodie. Not a world. Not a world at all.


So try and try again.


I still had a hard time getting away from the image of the man “Hades” so I decided to go with it. Only I added a “ferry” and a bit of a river.  Of course I had to add some tormented souls.

What would an underworld be without some tormented souls? :P

I really hope my partner likes these. I worked hard on them. I struggled with the concept and with the effort to NOT Zentangle them. For some reason, I couldn’t envision any tangles in these ATC’s.

I did need to tangle the next project as I switched gears from the Underworld to butterflies of all things.

I did add a small, dark, twisty thing to the butterfly. I’m not sure if anyone can spot it. If you can, leave a comment. I’m not going to say what it is just yet.

“Where in the tangle is the dark twisty thing?” :P

I think I need to add more to the tile. Maybe some flowers. Only when I look at it, all I hear is that Rolling Stones song “Paint It Black”.

That can’t be good.

Maybe I should listen to something other then Three Days Grace when I work on pretty things like butterflies.


In the meantime, Quincy’s trying to seduce me with his wily wiles.


I have to make art, Quincy. I will not be seduced.


Happy Tuesday, people. Today is  a new day!

(How’s that for a cliche?)

Finally Friday – The addiction continues.

It feels like it’s been forever since I last blogged, but really it’s only been about a day. I’ve been a bit out of it. More then usual that is. :P

I had a lot of goals. I didn’t get many of them achieved. That’s okay though. It’s good to have goals.

My addiction to rubber stamped image art continues though.


When I think about Gorgons of myth, they’re so often depicted as  angry monsters. I often wonder if they’re angry because they’re alone. I mean, when you turn everyone to stone with your gaze, it’s bound to get lonely and let’s face it! Who wants to date a woman with snakes for hair?!

While I was drawing this one up, I decided that she wouldn’t be at all dissatisfied to be alone. She’s comfortable in her solitude. Maybe even at peace with it.

At least that’s what I was thinking. :)

"Ocean's Warmth" - Siren's of the Sea 1 of 2

I bought two gorgeous stamps from Blockheads. That one is called “Da Vinci Chloe“. While I was going about this drawing I thought of my favorite thing. Mermaids and the ocean.

That led me to the sirens of the sea. In this drawing, she obviously hasn’t even heard of Persephone so she obviously doesn’t know her fate will end up being a half-bird half-woman type thing.

No. She’s serene. She’s at peace. She’s also deadly. :)

So beware the warmth of the sea! It can be deceiving!

The second stamp I bought will be drawn as another siren. Hence the “Sirens of the Sea” dealio.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’ve had a picture of myself and my Mom as my avatar on Facebook. Since she really is the world’s greatest mom, I thought I’d share the photo here.

She’s holding up some “Dammit Dolls” our friend Elaine gave to us to take home and finish. There’s a reason behind why the poor dolls are skewered.  It’s to keep the holes open for their hair!

As you can see, my Mother is smaller in physical size then I am and I’m only 5’2″ on my best day. She’s mighty in spirit though and she has a strong heart. She’s my best friend and my stoutest supporter. I’m infinitely grateful to have her on my side. :)

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all of you!


Opinionated Wonderland Intermission

Despite my all-out enthusiasm for the “Wonderland Series”, I still have other commitments as well as a need to take a breather from that strange universe.

One of those commitments was the Mandala Swap on Swap-Bot.


I used a different approach to this mandala then I normally do. I usually start off with a flower, but I found “Marbles” so appealing I just had to use it! I also added elements of “Morning Flower” to it, so I suppose this mandala is a bit of a hybrid.

I’m happy to report that the mandala was well received by my swap partner, which is always a huge relief to me. As Edgar Allen Poe once said, “I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it.” :)

Since I’ve been so “into” color, I thought that I’d do a simple black and white tangle just for kicks.


This was incredibly relaxing. It was done in my 5.5×5.5″ Handbook Artist Journal, a size I find fast and easy to work with. I tried out some “new to me” patterns and I used some favorites of mine.

The story behind the tangle is the tsunami warning sirens here in Hawaii. At the beginning of every month, they’re tested to see if they work properly. I completely forgot yesterday was the first business day of a new month which is when they test them. When I heard the sirens I completely freaked for a few minutes before I realized what was going on.


(Now here comes my soap box moment.)

I suppose I more or less followed the true creed of a “Zentangle” with “Again”. I recently found out that there are two rules. (Rules! For art!)

  1. use a 3.5″ square tile (ha!)
  2. limit yourself to 15 minutes (hahaha!)

I’ve found few to none that adhere to these so-called rules. So if that’s the criteria for what a Zentangle truly is, then I’m going to stop calling what I do “Zentangling” and simply call it “Tangling”. :P

I truly believe art is subjective. No one should dictate to you what you should or shouldn’t do with what you do with your art! So to have rules? That’s just contrary to my personal creed.

I even found someone who agrees with me about the rules.  So there. Neener. Nyah. And all that mature adult stuff.

Quincy doesn’t care to truly voice his opinion, he just wants the limelight.

That’s right. He’s lying down on my lapdesk which is on my lap. It’s the only time he comes near my lap. He also prefers it if I have a writing instrument in motion. What’s he trying to tell me?


I’m so glad I survived Monday. I think I’m just going to thoroughly enjoy Tuesday. At least that’s what I’ve decided and a conscious decision is a great start!

I hope you have a happy Tuesday as well! :)

Back to Wonderland.

I’m having a lot of fun with the rubber stamps I have and tangling around them. I did two more pieces and I’m working on a third. The first one I have to show you was definitely a learning design.

"Split-Headed Mermaid - Wonderland #3"

Continuing with the “Wonderland Series” allows me to continue improve my skills within my own little imaginary guidelines. As you can see with the “Split-Headed Mermaid”, the faces definitely were overdone.

I went a little crazy with the metallic gelly roll pens and then I tried to compensate and then it all went downhill from there. :P

As I rummaged through my rubber stamp box, I found another stamp I had forgotten I had! Picture my excitement. :)

"Wonderskies" - Wonderland #4

I’m much happier with “Wonderskies”. I think it looks a lot more polished then the mermaids without looking overdone.

I’ve been so excited with this “Wonderland” project, I bought more rubber stamps with this visual adventure in mind. So expect more to come!

Right now, I’m imagining people reading this either groaning in dread, rolling their eyes, or smiling. I’m really not sure! *L*

Whatever the reception these get, I know I’m having a ball. :)

Quincy hopes you’ll enjoy them too. :)

I hope you’re having a happy Monday and that your weekend was splendiferous!


The Hunt is on!

I joined a very interesting swap on Swap-Bot. The details are as follows:

For this swap you will go on a treasure hunt for tangle patterns! Keep your eyes open for potential tangle patterns in the things around you: maybe a swimsuit print, a rug, a flower bud, a wall ornament. Take a photo, clipping, or good description and illustration of your inspirational tangle pattern, and create a 3.5 zentangle square that incorporates your found tangle (you can use other tangles too).

Doesn’t that sound like fun? Well, I thought so!

For my inspiration I used my, rather embarrassingly dusty ol’ Vornado fan. This shows my lack of housekeeping skills. :P

Ew! Dusty!

At first I just went at it on a tile, doing this then doing that.


I wasn’t very happy with the results, but I did find a pattern in there that I liked, so I used that in a more organized tile.

"Secret Vineyard"

When I mail the swap out (hopefully tomorrow or Friday) I’ll also include the steps to the pattern that I’m calling “Spidert”. (Spy-dirt) Downloadable image here.


I hope my partner likes it!

In other new, here’s a tangle I finished this week.

"Bitter Taste"

That tangle is a reflection not only of the kind of mood I’ve been in, but of the music I’ve been listening to. I’ve been a bit cranky for a number of reasons, I won’t bore you with them. Anyway, the point is  I’ve been listening to bands like Three Days Grace.

The quote I put in that tangle is from one of their songs, “Bitter Taste” and it’s from their album “Life Starts Now”.  I just downloaded it this week so I’ve been happily listening to it over and over again as I rarely get new music.

I normally listen to Breaking Benjamin when I’m in “a mood.” Actually I listen to Breaking Benjamin a lot. They’re just about my favorite band. :D

For some reason, groups like these two really calm me down. I think this is further evidence of my weird-ass brain.

Or it could just be because it’s so cathartic as one Facebooker put it.


Peace out!

Or should I say crank out? o.O

A trip to Wonderland and a UFC Feline smackdown.

My brain is weird. Lately it’s been going to very strange places and it’s been transmitting itself through my drawings.*

My bizarre brain, as seen with the new rubber stamps I decided to tangle around.

"Wonderland #1"

I didn’t mean for this to emerge in such a peculiar fashion. Like a lot of my tangles, this simply flowed and became what it was out of semingly nowhere.

Once it did, I decided to just run with it and do a series of tangles in this fashion.

"Wonderland #2"

No. 2 was a little bit more mapped out. In other words, I had a better idea of what I wanted to do in my noggin.

Both of these were incredibly fun to do and I plan on doing more of them. In fact, I just bought more face stamps to continue on in this vein. I also have one in the works only I’m recycling one of the stamps I’ve already used.

I love tangling around rubber stamps. It can be a bit challenging for me, but that may be what’s so alluring. I’m really looking forward to getting the new stamps.  In fact, I’m chomping at the bit.

Gimme! :D

Earlier this week, I had a bit of drama that took place in my living room. Quincy and Scheyer had a smack-down fight right in my living room. These two are normally the best of buddies. Only something outside really upset Quincy. His tail fluffed to twice the size and he started growling.

This is highly unusual. He’s an extremely gentle and nothing seems to upset him. Not even other neighborhood cats near his territory bother him. I’ve seen strange cats come straight up to the window and all Quincy’s done is kinda look at them with this “Hey. ‘Sup?” type of glance.

I have no idea what upset him.

While he was looking out the window, Scheyer jumped up and tried to see what was going on. He brushed up against Quincy and this was a big mistake. Quincy turned on him and BAM!  Claws-out knock-out fight. We had to douse them water to get them to stop fighting. :(

I was so worried that they’d end up bitter enemies. I had visions of having to separating them and slowly reintroducing them and all that horrible stuff for the poor furry ones.

Thank goodness that was not the case. As a matter of fact, they were back to being best buddies yesterday afternoon.



Have a great Tuesday!

*Okay, so maybe my brain has always been strange, weird, peculiar and bizarre. :D

Card Mania

First off, I’d like to thank you all for the wonderful comments I got about my little bunny. Thank you all! I’m sure he’d appreciate them too if he were the appreciative sort.  ;-)

Moving on.

Over the weekend I decided to take my Zentangles to a new level. I have a few friends I’d like to send cards to so I decided to actually make the cards.

The first is a “Thank You” card.

For that card, I used some Tim Holtz Masks and a stamp I got from our Megan, who’s blog has moved to I don’t know where. For the tag I used a Spellbinders Die Cut and my Cuttlebug.

This was the first time I used a Die Cut with my Cuttlebug so I was rather surprised that the thing cut up my plate. In fact I thought I was doing something wrong. Thank goodness FibreJunky set me straight. :P

The next two cards are pretty much clones of themselves.



I did use different tangles and I did use different embossing folders for the backgrounds and I did use different colors. So maybe they are a bit different. The stencils are the same though. To me they look like clones.  :P

This was the first time I used a stencil with my zentangles. I had a lot of fun with it! I hope to use more of them in the future.

I hope the recipients enjoy these cards as much as I enjoyed making them.

Over the weekend I also got a new phone. Here’s one of the photos I took with it. Sammy didn’t like the flash, but it shows him enjoying my handknits. As you can see I take really good care of them. :P

Not bad for a camera shot, eh?

Have a good Monday! Oh wait. I’m behind everyone.

I hope everyone’s having a good Monday! :D

(And yes! I enjoy sticking my tongue out at people!)