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This and that. Also, winners!

This weekend I was all over the place. I worked a little on this and I worked a little on that. Never really focusing on just one thing.

Currently I have over three jewelry projects in the works and we won’t even number the knitting projects. And my spinning wheel? It’s sobbing quietly in the corner.

Anyway here”s a glimpse of a minion head and a necklace that’s taking a lot more time then I anticipated.

I had hoped that green would be good for a mini-orc, but I don’t think it’s working out. I think I’ve found the right green though. We’ll see. I’ll save that up for another day. ;-P

As for the necklace, I’m using 26g wire and 4mm beads. While it’s easy to work with the wire, it takes awhile to get some length with the 4mm beads. They be tiny and I’m going for an 18″ necklace.

Now for the really juicy stuff. The winners of the give-away contest!

The third prize goes to formerly no-blog Rachel, second place goes to Sue H. of Craft It Again, and the first prize goes to Rae Knits N Wa!

Thanks to everyone who participated. I had a blast with it and I’m sure I’ll be doing more of these in the future.

Sammy wants to know where his prize is at.

Happy Monday, everyone!  Let’s hope I find some focus soon.

The First! With a helluva contest!

Welcome to my new abode. (Thanks Jon!) Make yourselves at home! I’m still fixing up the place, but while I do I’m going to hold a little contest in celebration of having new digs.

Here are the rules:

One entry for one comment you leave.

You will get another entry each time you Facebook, blog/LJ, Tweet, and Plurk about this contest AND the move.

Example given (though probably not needed): “Opal has moved her blog to and she’s having a contest!”

Once you do that, run back here and leave a comment each time you do one or more of the above. If possible, leave a link so I can check it out!

You have until Friday, April 30th, midnight Hawaiian Time to enter. That’s actually 6am Saturday for all you East Coasters!

Now on to the prizes! There’ll be three this time.

Third prize:

Two sets of stitch markers. One set of  Over The Rainbow Off The Hook Markers and a second set of  stitch markers, Bigga Stitch Markers,  OR Teeny Stitch Markers in the color and/or charm of your choice.  (Just to make this clear, you’ll be receiving TWO sets of stitch markers. Not four. I’d hate to have any misunderstandings.)

Second prize is a pair of earrings from my jewelry shop Opalescent Jewels. This way non-crafters can get in on the fun!

Now for the Grand Prize! It’s a skein of hand-dyed yarn by the lovely Miss Megan herself of Wayward Fiber.

There are more photos of the yarn here and here.  She’s not set up to sell yet, but I’m hoping that this will jump start her set-up-shop mojo. ;-)

The whole reason behind the move is that I felt like I had outgrown the moniker “Akamai Knitter”. Let’s face it, I havent’ been doing too much knitting lately. I needed something with a broader scope and I came up with the name “Hyper Monkey”  a few years ago.Something about the name kind of stuck to me.

Plus, I felt so guilty not putting up any knitting content on the Akamai Knitter site! Of course I shouldn’t feel that way, but when do feelings accept rational thought? Hopefully with this move I’ll have more freedom to post whatever the hell I want to.

And just an FYI, I’m keeping the old blog up indefinitely, so hyperlinks will continue to work. I just have a new playground.  Only I’m not sure how Scheyer feels about monkeys. Hrm.

Mahalo for visiting my new site! I hope you stick around. I’ve been up into all sorts of trouble and I’ll hopefully be posting more in days to come. :)